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Books about the running life

As a runner, I love listening to audiobooks about running and runners (and one about walking). Here are some audiobooks with great stories told by runners. Entertaining and inspiring - and sometimes just a lot of fun.

Created on: March 03, 2020
True Adventure stories #travel #memoir

Non fiction stories of adventure in Canada and beyond. Many written by women (maybe some men) who have explored the wild places in our world.

Created on: March 03, 2020
If you like Downton Abbey

Recommended TV shows if you like Downton Abbey

Created on: March 03, 2020
Dark, Thrilling Noir Fiction

Films within the noir genre are quite diverse, but have a few things in common: a dark and brooding atmosphere, a cynical protagonist with a complicated past, and plotlines that are fatalistic. Noir fiction has developed alongside these films since the 1930s and 1940s and has the same characteristics. Although classic noir novels by such authors as Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett are detective stories, others are written in the form of psychological thrillers, and horror, western and science-fiction novels.

Created on: March 03, 2020
A Fistful of Stories! Wild, Weird Western Fiction

As in film westerns, the western novel has been revived in newer and unconventional ways in recent years. There has been the rise in popularity of the “weird western”: a hybrid genre which blends elements of the traditional western (a lawless frontier, a hero pit against all odds) with those of other types of fiction such as noir, mystery, horror and science-fiction (namely, the alternate Victorian universe known as steampunk).

Created on: March 03, 2020
Indigenous History Books

A booklist to learn about Indigenous history in North America.

Created on: March 03, 2020
Recently Read Canadian Memoirs

Librarian recommended memoirs recently published by Canadian authors!

Created on: March 03, 2020
Adult Literary Fiction

Created on: March 03, 2020
Best British TV series

Best mystery or thriller series

Created on: March 02, 2020