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Dead To Her by Sarah Pinborough


Created on: April 29, 2020
Handmade crafts and gifts - made by kids!

Books and other resources for kids who like to get crafty!

Created on: April 28, 2020
Backyard birding

Books and other resources to help you and your family with your newest hobby!

Created on: April 28, 2020

Created on: April 28, 2020
Hygge - and safe - at home

Books and more to remind you that being at home is a good thing

Created on: April 17, 2020
Feel good books

Books that are about real people dealing with real situations but a bit quirky, a bit funny, and mostly with a happy ending.

Created on: April 13, 2020
ESL Book Club Sets

Book club sets for English language learners

Created on: April 06, 2020
My Favorite Fictional Reads

This includes a bit of everything, from suspense, mystery and just interesting stories of people often set in different times and places

Created on: April 02, 2020
Ann's recommendations

Created on: April 01, 2020
Foreign Authors and more

Favourites South American authors and some other authors that can make you travel in their magical worlds of fantasy, love and spirituality

Created on: March 22, 2020