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Books to read

Books to borrow from library

Created on: June 10, 2020

Created on: June 04, 2020
Black Lives Matter- Children's Books

Recommendations for people of all ages (but particularly children) to expand their reading diversity, promote black authors, and educate on the topic of discrimination.

Created on: June 04, 2020
Racism and Protest 101

Created on: June 03, 2020
Diversity - books to help explain Racism and Protest to your kids

Stories and literature to help get the conversation going.

Created on: June 02, 2020
Women who changed the world

Brilliant women who were pioneers of mathematics, physics, biology, journalism and other arts and sciences. Nonfiction. eBooks and print.

Created on: May 30, 2020
Real Women in historical fiction

Novels based on incredible women who rocked science, engineering, politics, human rights, the Arts, and more. Probably all while making sure dinner was on the table.

Created on: May 30, 2020

Created on: May 29, 2020
Fairies and other magical creatures

Fairies, pixies, and other magical beasties. For kids 4-12.

Created on: May 26, 2020
All about Unicorns - Who says they're not real?!

Unicorns galore for kids 4-12.

Created on: May 26, 2020