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Created on: January 16, 2021
CPL Launchpads - For Adults

Explore, learn, and sharpen your skills! For teens, adults and seniors

Created on: January 14, 2021
Anti-Bullying Resources for Pink Shirt Day

Read and learn about how to deal with bullying with these picture books, stories and non-fiction picks.

Created on: January 12, 2021
Checkmate! How to play chess

Streaming videos and other resources for chess players (and wannabee chess players!)

Created on: January 11, 2021
Who do you love? Erotica and other big, sexy novels...

Scottish rogues, cowboys or even vampires - love may be blind, but it isn't shy!

Created on: January 06, 2021
wings of fire

Created on: January 06, 2021
CPL Wonderbooks - listen or read along!

Picture books, chapter books, folklore and more

Created on: January 06, 2021
CPL Launchpads - For Kids!

Playaway launchpads - learning games for kids (Ages 3 and up)

Created on: January 05, 2021
Ron's Reading 2021

Books I read in 2021. Website links are to Goodreads and are for books not included in the Coquitlam Library collection. To date: 1,623 pages read. My reviews and ratings can be found here:

Created on: January 02, 2021
If you love the Bridgertons

Regency fiction at it's very finest (or lustiest!)

Created on: December 31, 2020