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Books about the running life

As a runner, I love listening to audiobooks about running and runners (and one about walking). Here are some audiobooks with great stories told by runners. Entertaining and inspiring - and sometimes just a lot of fun.

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My year of running dangerously by Tom Foreman

A journey through the triumphs and defeats of running and how the aging process affects us mentally and physically.

Born to run by Christopher McDougall

A look at the history of the human body and how it was designed for running. This book will make you want to run.

Born to walk by Dan Rubinstein

Okay, this one is about walking, but I really enjoyed it. Dan Rubinstein takes us from dangerous urban streets to lengthy treks across the wilds.

The pants of perspective by Anna McNuff

One of my favourite things to listen to while training for a race are books about running and overcoming challenges. There is something about hearing the stories of someone who has taken on a challenge that makes the miles go a little easier and bonus points if it makes you laugh out loud. The Pants of Perspective by Anna McNuff ticks all the boxes. Anna tackled the epic adventure of running the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand; a 3000 km trek across mountains, rivers and around the spectacular beauty that make up that country in 148 days. The book is read by the author and throughout she is entertaining, making me laugh out loud a number of times as she meets the locals, faces her personal demons and gets up close and personal with the challenging trail. I highly recommend this wonderful book, it is available through Hoopla.

What I talk about when I talk about running by Haruki Murakami

A thoughtful meditation on the running life; both the struggles and the joys.

Running outside the comfort zone by Susan Lacke

All runners will experience a time when running seems to lose some of its allure. Susan Lacke found herself in this position and decided to run all the interesting races, and fortunately she wrote about it, so we can experience the joy too. Journey around the world with Susan as she runs some serious races, some extremely challenging races and some ridiculous but fun races.