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National Indigenous People's Day

Celebrate National Indigenous People's Day on June 21! This is a day that celebrates and recognizes First Nations, Métis, and Inuit cultures.

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Mi'kmaw daily drum : Mi'kmaw culture for every day of the week / Alan Syliboy.
Syliboy, Alan, author.
Format: Book

A baby board book from the artist behind Mi'kmaw Animals that teaches young readers Mi'kmaw concepts and a Mi'kmaw word for each day of the week. Mi'kmaw Animals baby board book, shortlisted for the Lillian Shepherd Memorial Award for Excellence in Illustration, comes Mi'kmaw Daily Drum. From celebrated artist Alan Syliboy, this vital book for the youngest readers showcases seven of Syliboy's popular Daily Drum artworks, each paired with a different day of the week. From Spirit Woman to Caribou to Round Dance, Mi'kmaw culture and teachings are offered up to newborns and toddlers in a vibrant and accessible book.

Discovering animals : English, French, Cree / Neepin Auger.
Auger, Neepin, author, illustrator.
Format: Book

Board book. Includes pronunciation guide for French and Cree vocabulary.

Discovering people : English French Cree / Neepin Auger.
Auger, Neepin, author.
Format: Book

Board book. Includes pronunciation guide for French and Cree vocabulary.

Sockeye silver, saltchuck blue / Roy Henry Vickers & Robert Budd.
Vickers, Roy Henry, 1946- illustrator.
Format: Book

This board book introduces babies and toddlers to a kaleidoscope of colours and the rhythm of changing seasons on the West Coast. Sockeye Silver, Saltchuck Blue follows the shifting spectrum of the Pacific Northwest including the quiet grey rain of winter, the verdant growth of spring, the jewel red tones of tart summer huckleberries and the shimmering scales of a spawning sockeye salmon as it turns from silver to red in fall.

A walk on the tundra / by Rebecca Hainnu and Anna Ziegler ; illustrated by Qin Leng.
Hainnu, Rebecca.
Format: Book

A Walk on the Tundra follows Inuujaq, a little girl who travels with her grandmother onto the tundra. There, Inuujaq learns that these tough little plants are much more important to Inuit than she originally believed.

Dipnetting with dad / Willie Sellars ; illustrated by Kevin Easthope.
Sellars, Willie, 1984- author.
Format: Book

Set in the beautiful landscape of the Cariboo Chilcotin region, DIPNETTING WITH DAD is a delightful and colourful story of a father teaching his son the Secwepemc method of fishing known as dipnetting.

Trickster : Native American tales : a graphic collection / edited by Matt Dembicki.

Format: Book

The first graphic anthology of Native American trickster tales, Trickster brings together Native American folklore and the world of comics. In Trickster, 24 Native storytellers were paired with 24 comic artists, telling cultural tales from across America. Ranging from serious and dramatic to funny and sometimes downright fiendish, these tales bring tricksters back into popular culture.

Sweetest Kulu / by Celina Kalluk ; illustrated by Alexandria Neonakis.
Kalluk, Celina, author.
Format: Book

This beautiful bedtime poem, written by acclaimed Inuit throat singer Celina Kalluk, describes the gifts given to a newborn baby by all the animals of the Arctic.

In my Anaana's amautik / by Nadia Sammurtok ; illustrated by Lenny Lishchenko.
Sammurtok, Nadia, author.
Format: Book

Nadia Sammurtok lovingly invites the reader into the amautik―the pouch in the back of a mother’s parka used to carry a child―to experience everything through the eyes of the baby nestled inside, from the cloudlike softness of the pouch to the glistening sound of Anaana’s laughter. Sweet and soothing, this book offers a unique perspective that will charm readers of all ages.

Caribou song / Tomson Highway ; illustrations by John Rombough = Ateek oonagamoon / Tomson Highway ; os isopéhikéwina John Rombough.
Highway, Tomson, 1951- author
Format: Book

Joe and Cody are young Cree brothers who follow the caribou all year long, tucked into their dog sled with Mama and Papa. To entice the wandering herds, Joe plays his accordion and Cody dances, whirling like a young caribou. They are so busy playing and dancing, they don't hear the rumble of the caribou. Bursting from the forest, ten thousand animals fill the meadow. Joe is engulfed; he can barely see Cody a few yards away. Their parents seem to have disappeared. And yet what should be a moment of terror turns into something mystical and magical, as the boys open their arms and their hearts to embrace the caribou spirit.

Dragonfly kites / by Tomson Highway ; illustrations by Julie Flett = Pimithaagansa / Tomson Highway oohci ; oos'soopeega-igana Julie Flett oochi.
Highway, Tomson, 1951- author.
Format: Book

Joe and Cody, two young Cree brothers, along with their parents and their little dog Ootsie, are spending the summer by one of the hundreds of lakes in northern Manitoba. Summer means a chance to explore the world and make friends with an array of creatures. But what Joe and Cody like doing best of all is flying dragonfly kites.

Fox on the ice / by Tomson Highway ; illustrations by Brian Deines = Mahkesis miskwamihk e-cipatapit / Tomson Highway ohci ; osisopéhikéwina Brian Deines.
Highway, Tomson, 1951-
Format: Book

Written in both English and Cree, Fox on the Ice is a wonderful, lyrical story of celebration from award-winning author Tomson Highway, capturing a passing way of life for future generations.

Birdsong / Julie Flett.
Flett, Julie, author.
Format: Book

When Katherena and her mother move to a small town, Katherena feels lonely and out of place. But when she meets an elderly woman artist who lives next door, named Agnes--her world starts to change.

Akilak's adventure / by Deborah Kigjugalik Webster ; illustrated by Charlene Chua.
Webster, Deborah Kigjugalik, author.
Format: Book

When Akilak must travel a great distance to another camp to gather food, she thinks she will never be able to make it. With a little help from her grandmother's spirit, and her own imagination to keep her entertained, Akilak manages to turn a long journey into an adventure.

Go show the world : a celebration of Indigenous heroes / by Wab Kinew ; pictures by Joe Morse.
Kinew, Wab, 1981- author.
Format: Book

Celebrating the stories of Indigenous people throughout time, Wab Kinew has created a powerful rap song, the lyrics of which are the basis for the text in this beautiful picture book, illustrated by the acclaimed Joe Morse. Including figures such as Crazy Horse, Net-no-kwa, former NASA astronaut John Herrington and Canadian NHL goalie Carey Price, Go Show the World showcases a diverse group of Indigenous people in the US and Canada, both the more well-known and the not-so-widely recognized.

Nibi emosaawdang = The water walker / written and illustrated by Joanne Robertson ; translated by Shirley Williams and Isadore Toulouse.
Robertson, Joanne, 1960- author, illustrator.
Format: Book

This is the story of a determined Ojibwe Grandmother (Nokomis) Josephine Mandamin and her great love for Nibi (Water).

Mwâkwa : talks to the loon : a Cree story for children / written and illustrated by Dale Auger.
Auger, Dale, 1958-2008, author, illustrator.
Format: Book

Kayâs is a young Cree man who is blessed with a Gift that makes him a talented hunter. He knows the ways of the Beings he hunts and can even talk with them in their own languages. But when he becomes proud and takes his abilities for granted, he loses his gift, and the People grow hungry. With the help of the Elders and the Beings that inhabit the water, Kayâs learns that in order to live a life of success, fulfillment and peace, he must cherish and respect the talents and skills he has been given.

The legend of lightning & thunder / by Paula Ikuutaq Rumbolt ; illustrated by Jo Rioux.
Ikuutaq Rumbolt, Paula, 1990-
Format: Book

In The Legend of Lightning and Thunder, a traditional legend that has been told in the Kivalliq region of Nunavut for centuries, two siblings resort to stealing from their fellow villagers, and inadvertently introduce lightning and thunder into the world. This beautifully illustrated traditional legend weaves together elements of an origin story and a traditional cautionary tale, giving young readers an accessible window into centuries-old Inuit mythology that is specific to the Kivalliq region of Nunavut

Kits, cubs, and calves : an Arctic summer / by Suzie Napayok-Short ; illustrated by Tamara Campeau.
Napayok-Short, Suzie, author.
Format: Book

This beautiful story of family connection and respect for the natural world teaches young readers how close humans are to our animal counterparts and that caring for the environment in which we live is one of our most important responsibilities.

Big Turtle / David McLimans.
McLimans, David.
Format: Book

In the time when all people live in the sky and all animals in the water, Sky Girl falls through a hole, is rescued by swans and taken to wise Big Turtle who, with the help of noble Toad, called Mashutaha, creates the land on which we live. Includes notes about the Huron people from whom the tale comes.

Shi-shi-etko / Nicola I. Campbell ; pictures by Kim La Fave.
Campbell, Nicola I.
Format: Book

Winner of the Anskohk Aboriginal Children's Book of the Year Award. Finalist for the TD Canadian Children's Literature Award, the Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award and the Ruth Schwartz Award In just four days young Shi-shi-etko will have to leave her family and all that she knows to attend residential school. She spends her last days at home treasuring the beauty of her world -- the dancing sunlight, the tall grass, each shiny rock, the tadpoles in the creek, her grandfather's paddle song. Her mother, father and grandmother, each in turn, share valuable teachings that they want her to remember. And so Shi-shi-etko carefully gathers her memories for safekeeping. Richly hued illustrations complement this gently moving and poetic account of a child who finds solace all around her, even though she is on the verge of great loss -- a loss that Indigenous Peoples have endured for generations because of the residential schools system.

We are still here! : Native American truths everyone should know / Traci Sorell ; illustrated by Franae Lessac.
Sorell, Traci, author.
Format: Book

A group of Native American kids from different tribes presents twelve historical and contemporary time periods, struggles, and victories to their classmates, each ending with a powerful refrain: we are still here

Awâsis and the world-famous bannock / Dallas Hunt, Amanda Strong.
Hunt, Dallas, 1987- author.
Format: Book

As young Awâsis searches for the ingredients to make Kohkum's world-famous bannock recipe, they run into a variety of other-than-human relatives that help them along in their journey. Includes a pronunciation guide and Kohkum's world-famous bannock recipe at the back of the book.

Ava and the little folk / written by Neil Christopher and Alan Neal ; illustrated by Jonathan Wright.
Christopher, Neil, 1972- author.
Format: Book

In the Arctic, orphaned Ava stumbles upon a group of magical dwarves who show him how it feels to have a home of his own.

A day with Yayah / Nicola I. Campbell, words ; Julie Flett, pictures.
Campbell, Nicola I., author.
Format: Book

On an outing in Nicola Valley, British Columbia, a Native American family forages for herbs and mushrooms while the grandmother passes down her language and knowledge to her young grandchildren.

Sema?:th X?o?:tsa
Silver, Theta?x_ Chris,
Format: Book

Teeming with ecological abundance, Semá:th X̱ó:tsa (Sumas Lake) was central to the cultural, spiritual, and physical wellbeing of the Séma:th people (Sumas First Nation) and surrounding Indigenous communities. Between 1919 and 1924, settlers in the region lobbied government to drain the lake to enhance valuable agricultural land, with devastating consequences for the Stó:lō. The children's book is published by The Reach Gallery Museum to mark 100 years since Semá:th X̱ó:tsa (Sumas Lake) was drained. The book recalls a time when the lake was thriving, using memory and story to allow the lake to live on today.

We learn from the Sun / David Bouchard ; paintings by Kristy Cameron.
Bouchard, Dave, author.
Format: Book

'We Learn from the Sun' is an Indigenous rhyming poem with colourful illustrations about the seven sacred teachings that can be learned from the sun. This richly illustrated book by Metis writer David Bouchard and Metis illustrator Kristy Cameron, weaves together Woodland style paintings with a rhythmic poem about the spiritual lessons that we can learn from the Sun and the seven sacred teachings. Bouchard was born and raised in Saskatchewan. He lives in Victoria, BC.

Hockey with Dad / Willie Sellars ; illustrated by Kevin Easthope.
Sellars, Willie, 1984- author.
Format: Book

She shoots, she scores When the team goalie gets injured, Little Brother excitedly steps onto the ice to play in the Championship game. He always wanted to be part of the lineup, where Big Sister is the ace forward. The closer the game gets though, the more nervous he becomes. Can he make his family proud with their long history of playing hockey? He must rely on the wisdom of Grandpa, Dad, Big Sister, and the Secwepemc cultural values they impart. "Play hard, be fierce, but more importantly, play because you love it." Hockey with Dad is the highly anticipated follow-up to Willie Sellars' Dipnetting with Dad. In his second book, Sellars continues the adventures of Little Brother as he grows and learns about the importance of hockey to his Secwepemc community.

When We Were Alone [electronic resource] / David Alexander Robertson.
Robertson, David Alexander.
Format: Electronic Resources

When a young girl helps tend to her grandmother's garden, she begins to notice things about her grandmother that make her curious. Why does her grandmother have long braided hair and wear beautifully colored clothing? Why does she speak another language and spend so much time with her family? As she asks her grandmother about these things, she is told about life in a residential school a long time ago, where everything was taken away. When We Were Alone is a story about a difficult time in history and, ultimately, a story of empowerment and strength.

For Joshua : an Ojibway father teaches his son / Richard Wagamese.
Wagamese, Richard, author.
Format: Book

Celebrated Ojibway author Richard Wagamese shares the traditions and teachings of his people, entwining them with an account of his own life-long struggle for self-knowledge and self-respect.

Kaandossiwin : how we come to know / Kathleen E. Absolon (Minogiizhigokwe).
Absolon, Kathleen E., 1961-
Format: Book

Indigenous methodologies have been silenced and obscured by the Western scientific means of knowledge production. In a challenge to this colonialist rejection of Indigenous knowledge, Anishinaabe researcher Kathleen Absolon examines the academic work of fourteen Indigenous scholars who utilize Indigenous worldviews in their search for knowing.

Black Water : family, legacy and blood memory / David A. Robertson.
Robertson, David, 1977- author.
Format: Book

Black Water is a family memoir of intergenerational trauma and healing, of connection, of story, of how David Robertson's father's life--growing up in Norway House Cree Nation in Manitoba, then making the journey from Norway House to Winnipeg--informed the author's own life, and might even have saved it. Facing a story nearly erased by the designs of history, father and son journey together back to the trapline at Black Water, through the past to create a new future.

Unravelling Canada : a knitting odyssey / Sylvia Olsen.
Olsen, Sylvia, 1955- author.
Format: Book

Toques, mittens and scarves are all associated with northern climates, but the quintessential garment of Canadian knitting is surely the bulky and distinctly patterned West Coast cardigan. In the early twentieth century, Indigenous woolworkers on southern Vancouver Island began knitting what are now called Cowichan sweaters, named for the largest of the Coast Salish tribes in the region. Drawing on their talents as blanket weavers and basket makers, and adapting techniques from European settlers, Coast Salish women created sweaters that fuelled a bustling local economy. Knitters across the country copied the popular sweaters to create their own versions of the garment. The Cowichan sweater embodies industry and economy, politics and race relations, and is a testament to the innovation and resilience of Coast Salish families.

Braiding sweetgrass / Robin Wall Kimmerer.
Kimmerer, Robin Wall.
Format: Book

As a leading researcher in the field of biology, Robin Wall Kimmerer understands the delicate state of our world. But as an active member of the Potawatomi nation, she senses and relates to the world through a way of knowing far older than any science. In Braiding Sweetgrass, she intertwines these two modes of awareness--the analytic and the emotional, the scientific and the cultural--to ultimately reveal a path toward healing the rift that grows between people and nature. The woven essays that construct this book bring people back into conversation with all that is green and growing; a universe that never stopped speaking to us, even when we forgot how to listen.

Braiding Sweetgrass [electronic resource] : Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants/ Kimmerer, Robin Wall.
Kimmerer, Robin Wall.
Format: Ebook

As a leading researcher in the field of biology, Robin Wall Kimmerer understands the delicate state of our world. But as an active member of the Potawatomi nation, she senses and relates to the world through a way of knowing far older than any science. In Braiding Sweetgrass, she intertwines these two modes of awareness--the analytic and the emotional, the scientific and the cultural--to ultimately reveal a path toward healing the rift that grows between people and nature. The woven essays that construct this book bring people back into conversation with all that is green and growing; a universe that never stopped speaking to us, even when we forgot how to listen

The knowledge seeker : embracing indigenous spirituality / Blair Stonechild ; foreword by Noel Starblanket.
Stonechild, Blair, author.
Format: Book

The Knowledge Seeker tells the story of the developing Indigenous-run education movement and calls forth the urgent need to teach about Indigenous spirituality.

Blanket toss under midnight sun : portraits of everyday life in eight indigenous communities / Paul Seesequasis.
Seesequasis, Paul, author.
Format: Book

A revelatory portrait of eight Indigenous communities from across North America, shown through never-before-published archival photographs--a gorgeous extension of Paul Seesequasis's popular social media project.

So you girls remember that : memories of a Haida elder / Gaadgas Nora Bellis.
Bellis, Gaadgas Nora, author.
Format: Book

Collected wisdoms, reflections and stories from Indigenous Elder Naanii Nora of the Haida Nation. So You Girls Remember That is an oral history of a Haida Elder, Naanii Nora, who lived from 1902 to 1997. A collaborative effort, this project was initiated and guided by Charlie Bellis and Maureen McNamara and was years in the making. The resulting book, compiled by Jenny Nelson, is a window into Nora's life and her family--from the young girl singing all day in the canoe, bossing her brothers around or crossing Hecate Strait on her dad's schooner, to the young woman making her way in the new white settlers' town up the inlet, with music always a refrain--these are stories of childhood; of people and place, seasons and change; life stages and transitions such as moving and marriage; and Haida songs and meanings.

The power of style : how fashion and beauty are being used to reclaim cultures / Christian Allaire.
Allaire, Christian, 1992- author.
Format: Book

Style is not just the clothes on our backs--it is self-expression, representation, and transformation. As a fashion-obsessed Ojibwe teen, Christian Allaire rarely saw anyone that looked like him in the magazines or movies he looked to for inspiration. Now the Fashion and Style Writer for Vogue, he is working to change that--because clothes are never just clothes.

Talking back to the Indian Act : critical reading in settler colonial histories / Mary-Ellen Kelm and Keith D. Smith.
Kelm, Mary-Ellen, 1964- author.
Format: Book

Through an analysis of thirty-five sources pertaining to the Indian Act--addressing governance, gender, enfranchisement, and land--the authors provide readers with a much better understanding of this pivotal piece of legislation, as well as insight into the dynamics involved in its creation and maintenance.

21 things you may not know about the Indian Act / Bob Joseph.
Joseph, Robert P. C., 1963- author.
Format: Book

Based on a viral article, 21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act is the essential guide to understanding the legal document and its repercussion on generations of Indigenous peoples, written by a leading cultural sensitivity trainer.

Seven fallen feathers : racism, death, and hard truths in a northern city / Tanya Talaga.
Talaga, Tanya, author.
Format: Book

Over the span of ten years, seven high school students died in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The seven were hundreds of miles away from their families, forced to leave their reserve because there was no high school there for them to attend. Award-winning journalist Tanya Talaga delves into the history of this northern city that has come to manifest, and struggle with, human rights violations past and present against aboriginal communities.

Sand talk : how indigenous thinking can save the world / Tyson Yunkaporta.
Yunkaporta, Tyson, author.
Format: Book

A paradigm-shifting book from Aboriginal scholar Tyson Yunkaporta, who brings a crucial Indigenous perspective to history, education, money, power, and sustainability-and offers a new template for living.

These mountains are our sacred places : the story of the Stoney Indians / John Snow.
Snow, John, 1933-
Format: Book

These Mountains Are Our Sacred Places is a result of extensive research. After consulting archival records and the Stoney oral tradition, Chief John Snow describes with clarity, depth, and understanding the Native perspective on life since the birth of Treaty Seven in 1877.

What I remember, what I know : the life of high Arctic exile / Larry Audlaluk.
Audlaluk, Larry, 1950- author.
Format: Book

Larry Audlaluk was born in Uugaqsiuvik, a traditional settlement west of Inujjuak in northern Quebec, or Nunavik. He was almost three years old when his family was chosen by the government to be one of seven Inuit families relocated from Nunavik to the High Arctic in the early 1950s. They were promised a land of plenty. They were given an inhospitable polar desert. Larry tells of loss, illness, and his family's struggle to survive, juxtaposed with excerpts from official reports that conveyed the relocatees' plight as a successful experiment. With refreshing candour and an unbreakable sense of humour, Larry leads the reader through his life as a High Arctic Exile--through broken promises, a decades-long fight to return home, and a life between two worlds as southern culture begins to encroach on Inuit traditions.

Give me some truth : a novel with paintings / by Eric Gansworth.
Gansworth, Eric L., author, illustrator.
Format: Book

In 1980 life is hard on the Tuscarora Reservation in upstate New York, and some of the teenagers feel they have fewer options than they'd like: Carson Mastick dreams of forming a rock band, and Maggi Bokoni longs to create her own conceptual artwork instead of the traditional beadwork that her family sells to tourists--but tensions are rising between the reservation and the surrounding communities, and somehow in the confusion of politics and growing up Carson and Maggi have to make a place for themselves.

Bridge between nations : a history of First Nations in the Fraser River basin / presented by the Fraser Basin Council.

Format: Book

Explores the history and culture of First Nations in the Fraser River Basin to allow better understanding of the First Nations experience today.

Origin : a genetic history of the Americas / Jennifer Raff.
Raff, Jennifer, author.
Format: Book

The untold story--and fascinating mystery--of how humans migrated to the Americas.

A two-spirit journey : the autobiography of a lesbian Ojibwa-Cree elder / Ma-Nee Chacaby with Mary Louisa Plummer.
Chacaby, Ma-Nee, 1950- author.
Format: Book

A Two-Spirit Journey is Ma-Nee Chacaby's account of her life as an Ojibwa-Cree lesbian.